Veurfringarnir skoi og skri fyrir okkur hinum. Skoa ferilinn egar (ef) fellibyl er eytt me HAARP EMF lkri tkni rtt ur en hann lenti Bandarsku herstvunum Oahu, Hawaii. - Myndir

Um etta getum vi lti sagt, en veurfringarnir gtu hugsanlega velt essu fyrir sr, og mila til okkar.*

Watch Hurricane Lane Be Destroyed By HAARP-Like EMF Just Before It Was To Hit US Military Bases On Oahu - Photos

Fleiri myndir slinni hr fyrir ofan.


The huge (red-orange) storm continued to crawl straight north, directly toward Honolulu, when something caused it to essentially slow to a near stop immediately south and offshore of Oahu. It was as if it had been parked there just before it would have scored a direct hit on Oahuexactly like the highest level US Navy Alert warned it would do. The once tightly-defined spinning shape of the hurricane is gone and it is now seen oozing large amounts of moisture up and to the right in the photo

*Sm endursgn slensku.

...Stormurinn frist til norurs, og stefndi Honolulu, egar eitthva var ess valdandi, a hann stvaist a mestu, utan vi strndina vi Ohau.

a var eins og storminum hefi veri stvaur arna ur en hann hefi lent Oahu ea nkvmlega eins og avrunin fr Bandarska sjhernum hafi sagt fyrir um...

klikka mynd, strri


Then something extremely stunning happenedor was MADE to happen. This intense, powerful storm slowed to a virtually halt as it moved due north toward the all-important island of Oahu...bristling with Army, Navy and Air Force basesand nuclear weapons.

It took a long time and a little luck to find this particular video frame below which shows blatant proof of extreme EMF military-government weather control.

Now see what has happenedit was as if a gigantic boot came down right on the top of Hurricane Lane. The boot' was, of course, an electromagnetic GeoEngineered HAARP-like BLAST of EMF which crushed the hurricane to pieces.

Have you EVER seen a hurricane suddenly STOP SPIRALING, sit perfectly still and then be smashed with enormous energy from above? Look belownow you have have.

Look again at the preceding photo ABOVE and then look back down at the photo BELOWyour eyes dont lie

klikka mynd, strri


Most of all, LOOK at the radiating white, strangely jagged fingers or rays sticking out from all around the perimeter of the big (red) storm center. Especially on the left and top sides.

LOOK CLOSELY and youll see how these fingers' are shaped exactly like the blade of a saw! That is NOT naturally possible. That is EMF weather control.

You might also remember that several years ago, as we reported with satellite proof, how storm after storm coming across the Pacific, from West to East, were crushed before making it to CA, OR and WA in very similar fashion. Go here for a look.

Egilsstair, 28.10.2018 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

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