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Framlfi.The after life.

Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death

..... Biocentrism teaches that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe. It is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around. Lanza points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life, implying intelligence existed prior to matter.

..... Lanza says that we carry space and time around with uslike turtles with shells.meaning that when the shell comes off (space and time), we still exist.

The theory implies thatdeath of consciousness simply does not exist. It onlyexists as a thought because people identify themselves with their body. .....

..... If the body generates consciousness, then consciousness dies when the body dies. But if the body receives consciousness in the same way that a cable box receives satellite signals, then of course consciousness does not end at the death of the physical vehicle.

In fact,consciousness exists outside of constraints of time and space.It is able to be anywhere: inthe human bodyand outside of it.

In other words, it is non-local in the same sense that quantum objects are non-local. Lanza also believes thatmultiple universes can exist simultaneously. In one universe, the body can be dead.

And in another it continues to exist, absorbing consciousness which migrated into this universe. .....

.... Our souls are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe and may have existed since the beginning of time. Our brains are just receivers and amplifiers for the proto-consciousness that is intrinsic to the fabric of space-time. ....

..... So is there really a part of your consciousness that is non-material and will live on after the death of your physical body? .....

..... If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules and the patient says I had a near death experience .....

..... If theyre not revived, and the patient dies, its possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul. .....

..... The energy of your consciousness potentially gets recycled back into a different body at some point, and in the mean time it exists outside of the physical body on some other level of reality, and possibly in another universe. .....

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Ef hefur tma, getur fari yfir etta og mila v til okkar, a er t heiminn, fum orum.

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Shunya Mathur

3/29/2016 12:30:20 pm

Well pardon me but this is what the Upanishads have been saying all along - I wont be surprised if yet another "quantum physicist" has been reading vedanta and then creates an all "new theory with anew name" - a la "string theory" "emerging and collapsing universe' and yet upanishad gets no credit. And then there are many famous even noble laureate physicists who do give credit - - the word is out that the hindu/vedic ancient texts have the real deal in them about universe consciousness and nature of life - like it or hate it , but intellectual history has been too distorted to my liking. And this is yet one more example.

Nmer eitt, er a htta a sprengja allt ttlur lndunum. Byrjum strax a byggja upp lndin, og komum veg fyrir a flki s reki fltta. Ltum ekki egjandi og hljalaust eyileggja innvii landana, a er varla skinsamlegt.

Sett blogg: Valdimar Samelsson

akka r Valdimar Samelsson fyrir a brna okkur til a fara eftir "me lgum skal land byggja."

g skil ig annig a viljir hjlpa llum mnnum.

Til ess a vi getum hjlpa, arf a greina vandamli.

er nmer eitt a htta a sprengja allt ttlur lndunum.

Byrjum strax a byggja upp lndin, og komum veg fyrir a flki s reki fltta.

a a ykjast vera gur og vilja hjlpa, en lta svo egjandi og hljalaust eyileggja innvii landana, er varla skinsamlegt.

a eru smu ailar, sem sprengja allt ttlur, reka svo flki fltta og toga flki til vesturlanda, til a eyileggja stjrnkerfi ar.

Mig minnir a flttamennirnir su 60 miljnir, og n byrjum vi a stva eyilegginguna, byggjum upp lndin me Bandarkin, Rssland, endurreista sjlfsta Evrpu, Kna og Indland sem forgngumenn.


a eru engir, sem vilja lta reka flki hafi og bjarga san einhverjum rfum, til a geta sagt: Sji i hva g er gur.

Obama Refuses To Allow Yazidi And Assyrian Christians Fleeing ISIS To Enter United States


Valdimar Samelsson, hafu kk fyrir n vel meinandi, gu skrif.

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Frlegt. Informative

Eviction Notice To Obama and Establishment Start Packing - Judge Jeanine


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Making a Steak Without the Cow, Fra okkur fremst lfkejuna. mengum vi minna, notum minni orku og lifum meir stt vi nttruna.

Making a Steak Without the Cow

The next meat may not come from an animal at all, as researchers find alternatives to unsustainable industrial farming.

.......A lot of people like meat. But the worlds appetite for animals comes with significant costs, both moral and environmental. From animal welfare to greenhouse gases, our history of large-scale, industrial animal farming just isn't sustainable......

......Eventhe next meat may not come from an animal at all. Impossible Foods, a California company, has been developing a hamburger patty that is closer to beef than any other simulation, yet has never come near a cow.....

Skoa, hamborgarann mntu 6:32 af 11:43



Best vri a finna plnturkinu, tr, runna ea einhverja plntu sem vex garinum, ea akinu hj okkur. er enginn flutningskostnaur.

Gerlarktum, getur gerillinn tvfalda yngd sna tveim tmum, leggur gerlaspuna hdeginu og hefur hana matinn um kvldi.

Egilsstair, 28.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

Fra okkur fremst lfkejuna. mengum vi minna, notum minni orku og lifum meir stt vi nttruna. A htta a bora flki nsta orpi.

14.1.2016 | 15:38

Lgt oluver. How OPEC Intends to Defeat U.S. Oil Once and for All in 2016...

arna skilst mr a me verlkkuninni olu, su olu rkin OPEC a reyna a koma oluvinnslu neyslu rkjunum hausinn.

vera neyslu rkin aftur h OPEC, sem getur hkka oluveri aftur upp a v veri, sem neyslu rkin urfa a f fyrir sna olu til a vinnslan beri sig.

Vi eigum a taka notkun thorum orkuverin og nta geislavirka rganginn fr gmlu kjarnorkuverunum til a ba til orku fyrir lndin og gera ennan geislavirka rgang skalausan.

Egilsstair, 26.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

How OPEC Intends to Defeat U.S. Oil Once and for All in 2016...

OPEC is hell-bent on flooding the world's oil markets again in 2016.

Its increased production levels are already crushing the American oil industry.

In fact, 123,000 U.S. energy- and oil-related jobs have been slashed since January 1, 2015.

Big Oil stocks like Exxon Mobil, Chevron and ConocoPhillips have tumbled dramatically... down by as much as -29%, -39% and -41%, respectively, in the past year alone.

g er ekki a segja r a kaupa neitt, set etta hr til a g geti snt ennan frleik.

Here's how to access Sean's exclusive report.

Gu blessi sland. etta er besta setning, sem sg hafur veri slandi. akk fyrir, vi kkum fyrir.

Gu blessi sland

Gu blessi sland, sagi verandi forstisrherra slands,

Geir H Haarde

etta er besta setning, sem sg hafur veri slandi.

Gu svarai a bragi, og sendi miljnir tonna af fiski fr Evrpu til slands og miljnir feramanna til slands.

essi thelling virist hafa hrif um allt jflagi,

svo sem rttunum.

akk fyrir, vi kkum fyrir.

Egilsstair, 25.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

arna virist Washington hafa sagt a USA mundi ekki skipta sr af svisbundnum deilum, og er strax fari landvinninga. "Yang, called on Washington to "honour its promise of not taking a position in territorial disputes""

arna virist Washington hafa sagt a USA mundi ekki skipta sr af svisbundnum deilum, og er strax fari landvinninga.

Vonandi er leyfilegt a kynna etta svona, ef ekki laga g etta strax. jg


Beijing refuses to move on sea disputes as US meet ends

.. China's stance on the case is "in line with international law", Yang said, insisting that Beijing's position "has not and will not change".

The case, he said, should be settled directly between the parties involved and called on Washington to "honour its promise of not taking a position in territorial disputes".


"The South China Sea had been China's territory since ancient times and China had every right to uphold its territorial sovereignty and lawful and legitimate maritime entitlements, Yang said".


a er nnur grein bls. 22 Time, 07.06.2016.

ar eru gar myndir.

Chinese waters?

Six governments lay claim to sometimes overlapping parts of the South China Sea

--- but Beijing wants to control nearly all of it.


Landakrfur Knverja

Jnas Gunnlaugsson | 23. febrar 2015


Egilsstair, 14.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

Bylgjan, aldan fer af sta me eitthvert massa rmml, fr einhverri miju, einhverjum punkti. egar bylgjan, aldan nlgast okkar jr, hefur umml bylgjunnar, ldunnar fari r til dmis, 1 milljar, 1000.000.000, og hefur lduhin lkka miki.

Bylgjur, ldur.

Hr er g a skoa hvort a er fastur massi ldunni sem kemur fr einum orsakavaldi, eins og egar dropi fellur vatn, megi gera r fyrir a egar umml hringldunnar vex fr einum miljar, minnki massa magni einum lengdarmetra af hringldinni sama hlutfalli.

arna er g a hugsa um bylgjuna, lduna , fleti.

Vi verum einnig a hugsa um "bylgjuna, lduna" rmmi.

er bylgjan, aldan, eins og hnttur, sem bls upp egar bylgjan, aldan fjarlgist punktorskina.

arna verur hntturinn, blaran alltaf ynnri eftir v sem hn fjarlgist punktorskina.

Bylgjan, aldan ferast arna ETERNUM, SPUNNI, sem fyllir alheiminn, og er holograph skjrinn sem vi lifum .

Holograph skjrinn er sndar verldin okkar.

Ekki m gleyma a hver bylgja, alda, verur n blara, hver inn annarri

etta virist hafa hrif bylgjusvii, bylgjulengdina.

Light redshifted (streeched) by expansion of space

-klikka myndina, til a f hana strri-



Egilsstair, 12.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

Allar smeindirnar efninu, eru aeins orkuspa, en um lei og vi leikendurnir holograminu horfum spuna, skynjum vi eterinn, spuna sem efni. Myndin sem vi lifum holograminu er aeins til hugskoti okkar.

etta er gamla sagan, g lna r pening, og hiri peninginn af r. hef g a sem g lnai r og skuldar a lka. Og a besta, g lnai r ekki neitt. Er r, a hreinsa gljuna r augunum, og sktinn r eyrunum?

Gamla sagan.


Betri skring.**

*Lna, a er g fri bkhald fyrir ig.

g lna r 100% fasteign.

greiir af lninu vexti og afborganir 5 r.

essum tma, set g ig kreppuflttuna hans Tmasar Jefferssonar og n veri hssins niur og hjlpa engum a kaupa, og getur ekki selt.

missir vinnuna og fyrirtki itt missir viskiptavini.

geta einstaklingar og fyrirtki ekki greitt af lnum snum og g getlti bja fasteignirnar upp nauungarslu.

gget keyptfasteignirnar 1% af upprunalega verinu, og skuldar fram 99%

missir einnig a sem hefur greitt yfir rin, niurgreislu og vexti.

verur a muna a g lnai r ekki neitt, g hlt aeins bkhald fyrir ig.

g er ekki alltaf svona slmur, get gert betur vi vini mna.


Betri skring.**

bin var keypt heila milljn

g hef aldrei teki tt jafn miklum skrpaleik og egar dmari og co mttu til okkar me hamarinn sinn. eir vildu alls ekki koma nema inn forstofuna. Durturinn fr balnasji var fljtur a bja bina egar dmari spuri hvort a vru einhver tilbo. Hann bau heilar 1.000.000 krnur. Hamrinum var lyft, honum bari einhverja bk og slegi. J bin var keypt heila MILLJN.


Innlent 13:50 02. MA 2015

Kerfi hefur algjrlega brugist

"Bin a borga 12 milljnir af lninu
einum tmapunkti fengu Signa og Reynir a heyra a au stu alltaf skilum og ess vegna vri ekkert hgt a gera fyrir au.

Vi erum bin a borgar 12 milljnir af essu 19 milljna krna lni sem vi tkum, fyrir utan svo 4 milljnirnar sem gufuu upp. egar vi vorum bin a reyna a tala vi alla jakkafatamennina, eins og g kalla , tv r og sum a ekkert yri hgt a gera kvum vi a htta a borga af lninu. a m eiginlega segja a v lengur sem vi borguum af lninu, v strri holu grfum vi okkur v a hkkai bara og hkkai, segir Signa."
  • etta er gamla sagan,
  • g lna r pening, og hiri peninginn af r.
  • hef g a sem g lnai r og skuldar a lka.
  • Og a besta, g lnai r ekki neitt.
  • a hringsnst allt fyrir augunum r.
  • og skilur ekki neitt.
  • Hef g ekki kennt r, veist ekki hvert vandamli er?
  • Viltu skra , berja potta,
  • vri ekki nr a bija gu um a hjlpa sr,
  • a hreinsa gljuna r augunum, og sktinn r eyrunum.
  • er lklegt a getir gtt hagsmuna inna.


Og a besta, g lnai r ekki neitt.

Kreppuflttan, endurteki

Thomas Jefferson sagi okkur etta allt saman.


Egilsstair, 08.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

Hva a gera? heimili og brnin a hafa forgang? Er a konan og barni sem eiga a f mestu umhyggjuna? Eru a svokallair fjrfestar sem f mesta umhyggju nna egar eir hirtu bir flksins?***

ttir a margfaldast og uppfylla jrina, a er a sem flestar slir,

kmust kennsluna jrinni, mannslkama.

skilur myndirnar, tt skiljir litla ensku.

WATCH: A third of pro-choice women change their view of abortion after seeing this viral video

..klikka myndirnar, vera r strri..

ur en g skoai myndbandi...



ur en g skoai myndbandi...


Eftir a hafa skoa myndbandi...



Eftir a hafa skoa myndbandi...



Til hugunar.


Egilsstair, 04.06.2016 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

***Kreppuflttan, endurteki

Nsta sa


Ath. Vinsamlegast kveiki Javascript til a hefja innskrningu.

Hafu samband