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The issue

The issue

Egilsstadir,29.07.2012 Jónas Gunnlaugsson

Dreifđu ţessu eins og ţú lifandi getur.

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We all have been lead to believe that cancer is a complicated disease, and therefore a death sentence!




The primary cause of ALL cancer was known in the early 1960’s.

The University of Alberta team proved that NaDCA could reverse the Warburg effect.


Unfortunately for us what they also proved

was that all the billions of dollars

 being spent at the time on research and for most of the last 85 years

 was useless based on this discovery.


Funny as it may seem the useless research has continued

to be funded by billions of dollars per year,

yet the U of A could not get funding.


Posted By: Robyn | July 26, 2012 11:22 AM

Powerful story Deanna, it is unfortunate that the cancer industry is so profit driven that great breakthroughs that don't fit the profit model get blocked.


i pray you take a look at and share the information of a discovery

at  a large canadain (Canadian jg) University

of a non toxic, effective and cheap cancer treatment

that is in the process of getting suppressed by the drug companies and cancer charities.


The University had to go to the public to raise funds

for a small but sucessfull clinical trial.

Not a cent from one charity as the end of cancer would be their undoing.

When the world is at a point where it puts corporate profits

ahead of human lives it is a sad time.

There is a site trying to keep this discovery alive

and has gathered all the published studies of this simple compound the site is

please take a look,

it is a based on the Warburg effect and is very easy to understand.
God bless

It also looks like any funding going to trials for NaDCA, will be
testing NaDCA as a supplement to standard therapy.

Some of those studies are already beginning to be published.

They claim they will use NaDCA to reduce the size of the tumor

so it can be easier for the Radiation or Chemo to work.

This is insane,

if they would just continue to use the NaDCA

in treating the cancer it would disappear.

They know that, however so as not to lose money

they will insist on poisoning you

so that you will always be a patient.



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