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The Problem

Money Supply Links House Prices, NHS Deficits and Climate Change

By Anne Belsey Money is such an integral part of most people’s lives that few give it much thought. It’s just there. There might never be quite sufficient for all the things that even a rich country like Britain might wish for, but then money cannot be conjured out of thin air, can it? Actually […]


Our Economy Relies on Debt to Function

By Gillian Swanson The decision of governments throughout the world — following the British model — not to monetise their country’s wealth themselves, but to force private citizens into debt if they want to exchange goods and services with each other, needs to be re-examined. I used to think that all money apart from the […]


Money for the People, by the People

by Alistair McConnachie Just as we need government for the people, and by the people, so we need money for the people, and by the people. Money Reformers advocate essentially two things – firstly, that we change from a debt-based to a debt-free economy. That is, to a society where money, or a great deal […]


The Negative Consequences of the Debt-Based Money System

by Richard Greaves 1) GOODS AND SERVICES ARE MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE The cost of borrowing by producers, manufacturers, transporters, and retailers all has to be added to the price of the final product. 2) CONSUMERS HAVE MUCH LESS MONEY TO SPEND They are burdened by the cost of mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards, personal loans and […]


Looking Beyond the Money Myth

By Alistair McConnachie The following speech was prepared by James Gibb Stuart and delivered by Alistair McConnachie to the International Union Conference, of Land Reformers and Henry Georgists, at Edinburgh University, Pollock Halls, Friday, 13 July 2001. It has since been published in the book, “Proceedings of the Edinburgh Conference 2001″, available from the Henry […]


The Case for Monetary Reform

By Bill Clarke WHERE DOES REAL ECONOMIC POWER LIE? The development of the global market, particularly in the spheres of free trade, the instantaneous movement of capital and the trading of currencies, means that to a very great extent national governments have lost the power to control their economies. These developments have come about because […]


Our Debt-Based Money System Will Break Us

The Earl of Caithness speaks… This speech was delivered by the Earl of Caithness in the House of Lords, Wednesday, 5 March, 1997. It is reprinted in full from Hansard, Vol. 578, No. 68, columns 1869-1871. The Earl of Caithness: My Lords, I too wish to thank my noble friend Lord Prior for initiating this […]


The Big Issue

By James Gibb Stuart William Hague won’t mention it; neither will Charles Kennedy, nor Gordon Brown nor John Prescott nor any of the other top names who will canvass our votes in the General Election likely this year. Tony Blair alluded to it on Ask the Prime Minister (ITV, 12-12-00) but suggested he was powerless […]


Post-Autistic Economics

by Ronnie Morrison The professional economist is prominent among the ‘experts’ who influence our politicians. For example, both Thatcher and Reagan were heavily influenced by the free market monetarist model propounded by Milton Friedman. These neo-classical economists, employed by fat walleted bankers, are seldom far from the media spotlight as we stumble from one financial […]


Don’t Blame Ford, Blame the System

By Philip Snow Prosperity subscriber Philip Snow is the Editor of Granada News, the official magazine of the Ford Granada Enthusiasts’ Club. The following is a shortened version of his Autumn 2000 editorial. The Club can be contacted at 116 Whitmore Road, Hanchurch Crossroads, Staffordshire, ST5 4DG. I’ve finally discovered the reason why Ford Motor […]


Money Supply & the Private Banking System – Lord Beswick Speaks

The following speech by the late Lord Beswick, is reprinted in full from HANSARD, 27 November 1985, Vol. 468, Columns 935-939 where it appears under the title “Money Supply and the Private Banking System”. HANSARD begins: Lord Beswick rose to call attention to the statement made by the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster on […]


Bankrolling the World into Chaos

by Michael Rowbotham It is time to ask searching questions about the near total reliance of modern economies upon banking. Getting the right answers can sometimes be difficult. But not asking the right questions in the first place can be a disaster. The industrialised economies are trying desperately to break the cycle of boom and […]




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