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50 Facts on Statins, Cholesterol and Heart Health


Pat Dougan    Written and Contributed by Site Member Pat Dougan

1. Vitamin D is synthesized from cholesterol by sunlight.
2. Cholesterol is the precursor for a whole class of hormones known as the steroid hormones that are absolutely critical for life ... a primary component for most sex hormones, bile acids, aldosterone, cortisol and calcitriol (necessary for maintaining the proper calcium in our bodies.)
3. Cholesterol and fats are not related.
4. “There is no connection whatsoever between cholesterol in food and cholesterol in blood. And we’ve known that all along. Cholesterol in the diet doesn’t matter at all unless you happen to be a chicken or a rabbit.” Ancel Keys (fabricator of the cholesterol myth).
5. Fats and cholesterol are moved through the system by lipoproteins.
6. HDL, high density lipoprotein, (not cholesterol).
7. LDL, low density lipoprotein, (not cholesterol).
8. VLDL, very low density lipoprotein, (not cholesterol).
9. VLDL’s are manufactured in the liver used to transport fat and cholesterol.
10. LDL’s are the reduction of VLDL’s after the fats and cholesterol have been delivered.
11. VLDL’s are raised by eating carbohydrates.
12. High fat diets lower VLDL’s ... check out the results from the Atkin’s diet studies or any of the other high protein low carbohydrate diets.
13. Regardless of the variability of VLDL’s, LDL levels remain relatively constant.
14. It has never been proven that saturated fats raise or lower LDL’s. Dr William Castelli, Director of the Framingham Study [the largest continuous study of its kind in the world] states that the more saturated fat one ate, the more cholesterol one ate, the more calories one ate, the lower people’s serum cholesterol (LDL). Dr George Mann, New England Journal of Medicine, regarding the diet-heart hypothesis: “The greatest scam in the history of medicine.”
15. Statins block the Mevalonate pathway in the liver affecting the distribution of other important items necessary for healthy cell production and operation. The most notable is CoQ10, a primary support for heart cell growth and operation. Reduce cholesterol synthesis by 50% and you also reduce CoQ10 by 50%. If you take statins, you must take CoQ10.
Statin drugs are now known to suppress the nuclear factor-kappa B response and thereby open a veritable Pandora’s box of unpredictable consequences.
Statin drugs also inhibit dolichol, vital to the intricate process of neuropeptide formation, consequently another broad range of potential behavioral manifestations.

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