a a selja hlunnindajr t r sveitarflagi er rtt eins og a selja kvta t r sjvarplssi. Vatn, vatnsfall, og veiirttindi, er gullnma til framtar liti. - landbnaurinn, getur ekki keppt um jarirnar. svakalegt. Enginn orir a rsa upp.

Jhannes Sigfsson, bndi Gunnarsstum istilfiri.

Frttir 21. jn 2018 Bndablai

Vi verum a koma bndum etta, vi erum a missa landi r hndum okkar.

a a selja hlunnindajr t r sveitarflagi er rtt eins og a selja kvta t r sjvarplssi.

Strsta ferskvatnsforabr Evrpu hendur tlendinga

Grmsstair Fjllum er strsta einstaka ferksvatnsforabr Evrpu.

Hafi einhvern tma veri sta fyrir rki a koma a mlum var a vi slu eirri jr. Rki tti san einfaldlega a lsa etta land sem jlendu, segir Jhannes.

Vatn, vatnsfall, og veiirttindi, er gullnma til framtar liti.

a virist enginn ora a rsa upp

a er alveg svakalegt hva hr er a gerast. a virist enginn ora a rsa upp. Menn vera lka a gera sr grein fyrir v a landbnaurinn slandi keppir ekkert um jarirnar vi essa strefnamenn.


tti a vera lgum a banna erlendum

ailum fjldakaup jrum slandi

a mati Jhannesar Sigfssonar, bndi Gunnarsstum istilfiri


Erlendis eru svona uppkaup jara bnnu

Hr eru setningar r greinum BNDABLAINU,eftir,

Jhannes Sigfsson, bndi Gunnarsstum istilfiri.



Ratcliffe kaupir Grmsstai Fjllum, ekki vegna laxa, ekki vegna gsa, ekki vegna norurljsa. Hann keypti Grmsstai, vegna ess a enginn slendingur gat keypt Grmsstai. sland er komi aljlegan marka,


a er gott a i vekji athyggli v, a vi getum vakna upp vi a a strj eigi allt landrmi slandi. Vinsamlega fri ykkur af landinun okkar, r barhsunum okkar og vinnustunum okkar. i geti bara fari jgarinn.


Egilsstair, 23.06.2018 Jnas Gunnlaugsson

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1 Smmynd: Jnas Gunnlaugsson

"First Bank of the United States (BUS). It was created, in 1791 and chartered for 20 years, to 1811.

Second Bank of the United States (SBUS), in 1816.

The Federal Reserve act and the sixteenth amendment, which gave congress the power to collect income taxes, were both passed in 1913"

A must read, Athuga vel.

“Thomas Jefferson said,

"If the America people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currencies,

first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them

will deprive the people of all their prosperity until their children will wake up

homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”

A must read Athuga vel


“They influenced Congress to charter the second central bank,

the Second Bank of the United States (SBUS), in 1816.

The SBUS was more expansive than the BUS.

The SBUS sold franchises and literally doubled the number of banks in a short period of time.

The country began to boom and move westward, which required money.

Using fractional lending at the 10:1 rate, the central bank and their franchisees

created the debt/money for the expansion.


Things boomed for a while,

then the banks decided to shut off the debt/money,

citing the need to control inflation.


This action on the part of the SBUS caused bankruptcies and foreclosures.

The banks then took control of the assets that were used as security against the loans.


Closely examine how the SBUS engineered this cycle of prosperity and depression.

The central bank caused inflation by creating debt/money for loans and credit

and making these funds readily available.

The economy boomed.


Then they used the inflation which they created as an excuse to shut off the loans/credit/money.

The resulting shortage of cash caused the economy to falter or slow dramatically

and large numbers of business and personal bankruptcies resulted.

The central bank then seized the assets used as security for the loans.


The wealth created by the borrowers during the boom was then transferred

to the central bank during the bust.


And you always wondered how the big guys ended up

with all the marbles.


Now, who do you think is responsible for all of the ups and downs

in our economy over the last 85 years?


Think about the depression of the late '20s and all through the '30s.

The FED could have pumped lots of debt/money into the market

to stimulate the economy and get the country back on track,

but did they?

No; in fact, they restricted the money supply quite severely.

We all know the results that occurred from that action, don't we?

Why would the FED do this?

During that period asset values and stocks were at rock bottom prices.

Who do you think was buying everything at 10 cents on the dollar?

I believe that it is referred to as consolidating the wealth.

How many times have they already done this in the last 85 years?

Do you think they will do it again?

Just as an aside at this point, look at today's economy.

Markets are declining.


Because the FED has been very liberal with its debt/credit/money.

The market was hyper inflated.

Who creates inflation?

The FED.

How does the FED deal with inflation?

They restrict the debt/credit/money.

What happens when they do that?

The market collapses.

Several months back, after certain central banks said they would be selling large quantities of gold,

the price of gold fell to a 25-year low of about $260 per ounce.

The central banks then bought gold.

After buying at the bottom, a group of 15 central banks announced

that they would be restricting the amount of gold released into the market

for the next five years.

The price of gold went up $75.00 per ounce in just a few days.

How many hundreds of billions of dollars did the central banks make

with those two press releases?”





Jnas Gunnlaugsson, 24.6.2018 kl. 08:10

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