The world's infrastructure is collapsing due to our own stupidity.

Why Is America's Infrastructure Collapsing?


Coins and bills are simply pre-printed accounting notes, marked with different values to allow for paying any specific amount.

If you have a workforce, natural resources and creativity, you have everything you need, for rebuilding the infrastructure.


You fool students through the educational system.

You fool students through the monetary system.

And you even fool students through demographics and fertility rates.


If we stop eating meat and eat instead what the livestock eat, we will need only one-twentieth or -thirtieth of the farmland.

We could quit making ethanol and free up 40% (USA) of our farmland, because we are using more energy to produce the ethanol than the energy we get out of it.

We are also creating more pollution by producing and using this ethanol.


Big corporations are so strong that the US armed forces and the Russian army have to help counteract them as a fourth governmental power, in addition to the three-fold powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

This fourth power could help the three branches take full advantage of laws and regulations as a counterweight to corporations.

Of course, if you brought this on you would need to act as a parent, nurturing the executive, legislative and judicial branches so they would become capable of keeping the corporations in check.


You could end up adding other countries to the club.

By protecting the executive, legislative and judicial branches from criminals, you could give them peace to conduct their work.

You would simply withdraw when no longer needed, a handy mainstay or lighthouse in the background. 

Egilsstaðir, 16.12.2015 Jónas Gunnlaugsson

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