ByMikkel Stjernholm Kragh, Denmark

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Icelandic men and women of different origins

In 874 AD the Norwegian chief Ingolfur Arnarson was the first to settle permanently on Iceland.

The later Norse settlers were primarily Norwegians, but there were also Danes, Swedes,

and Norse-Gaels among them.

Geneticists from Oxford University have shown that the Icelanders, by and large, descend from Norse men and Celtic women.

These geneticists write that:

"numerous slaves were captured by the Vikings in their raids on the coastlines of the British Isles,

and many of the slaves were taken to Iceland.

The majority of these slaves seem likely to have been female."

Benjamite men and women of different origins

Like the modern Icelanders, the tribe of Benjamin's men and women

also descended from different tribes.

In the 12th century BC, when the tribe of Benjamin was at war against the rest of the tribes of Israel,

all the Benjamite women were killed, and only 600 Benjamite men survived (see Judges chapters 19-21).

In order that the tribe of Benjamin would be able to survive, the 11 tribes fetched 400 young female virgins in Jabesh-Gilead,

and let the Benjamite men take them for wives.

Thus the tribe of Benjamin survived (see Judges chapter 21).When the patriarch Israel blessed his 12 sons, he said of Benjamin:

"Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf:

in the morning he shall devour the prey,

and at night he shall divide the spoil."

(Genesis 49:27)

This prophecy was both fulfilled in the tribe of Benjamin in the 12th century BC,

and also in the formation of Icelandic people in the 10th century AD.

because they are one and the same tribe!



Judges 19-21



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