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Klístrađur, Klaustrađur, erum viđ allir Klístrađir, Klaustrađir, settir í ţá stöđu, fylltir, eftir fundi, teknar upptökur, međ unglingum, og svo hótađ birtingu á sviđsetningunni, og ţá samţykkjum viđ allt, svo sem ÍSAVE, og svo sem ORKUPAKKA 3,.

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Allir viđ sem erum villtir, leitum lausna eins og rćninginn á KROSSINUM, viđ höfum sömu von og hann, ţegar hann var tekinn í nýa endurmenntun, ţađ er ađeins ađ vilja og biđja um ţađ. verđ ađ hćtta.

 Sumt af ţessu er "ritrínt"
  1. Truman on CIA — Central Intelligence Agency
    • A \"Calamitous\" Prospect
    • A Beginning
    • Skullduggery and Death
    • Clearing The Deck
    • Second Beginning
    • Permanency
    • Second Thoughts
    • Footnotes
    • Today the United States has an \"intelligence community\" of which the members are CIA, State, Defense, the FBI, Treasury, and the former Atomic Energy Commission, now the Energy Research and Development Administration. To this community, the Director of Central Intelligence is central. For the greater part of the nation's history, however, there has been no community, no center, and not even the parts with which to make a community. For the first hundred years, organized intelligence, both ove...
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  2. Truman Was Right About the CIA | Mises Wire

    3/8/2017 · Say what you will about President Harry Truman, but at least he didn't leave the White House a suspiciously rich man. He also actually went home, to Independence Missouri, and moved into a modest house he didn't own.It was the same house belonging to his wife's family where he had lived with Bess (and his mother-in-law!) decades earlier.

  3. Truman’s True Warning on the CIA – Consortiumnews

    While Truman saw CIA’s attempted mousetrapping of President Kennedy as a particular outrage, his more general complaint is seen in his broader lament that the CIA had become “so removed from ...

  4. Tucker Carlson: Trump-Ukraine lesson - Intel agencies want ...
    Trump Correct: CIA is Spying on his Presidency ...

    Trump Correct: CIA is Spying on his Presidency. - I recall when Trump said that the CIA was tapping his Trump Towers phones. …

    Tucker Carlson: Adam Schiff Is "Clearly And Demonstrably ...
    Crazed man says he beat roommate to death over air ...
    Crown prince’s interview: Tough questions, straight ...
    Bluebird and Paperclip » John C. Wright's Journal

    President Harry Truman forbade the agency from recruiting any Nazi members or active Nazi supporters. ... —the …

    Five Ways Russia Could Have Won the Cold War | The ...
    New York man dies after suspect nails bedroom door shut ...
    Mark Edwards: The State Department is weak and getting ...

    The NSA, CIA and DOD together secured policymaking preeminence during the Korean War that they maintain to this day. …

    It’s Past Time to Move the United Nations to Switzerland ...
  5. Central Intelligence Agency - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Purpose
    • Organizational structure
    • Training
    • Budget
    • Employees
    • The Central Intelligence Agency is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the United States, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence. As one of the principal members of the United States Intelligence Community, the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet of the Unit
    See more on · Text under CC-BY-SA license
    • Annual budget: $15 billion (as of 2013[update])
    • Formed: September 18, 1947; 71 years ago
  6. Establishment of the CIA | Harry S. Truman

    The CIA evokes images of clandestine activity, spies hiding in corners and covert overthrow of unfriendly government regimes. However, when Truman established the organization in 1947, he envisioned something much different -- a sort of daily newspaper, informing him of developments around the world that could impact American policy.

  7. Harry S. Truman, 1945-53 — Central Intelligence Agency

    7/7/2008 · President Harry S. Truman, CIA Orientation, 21 November 1952 "TO THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE agency, a necessity to the President of the United States, from one who knows. Harry S. Truman June 9, 1964" Inscription on the photograph of President Truman, which he presented to CIA

  8. 17) After JFK was killed, ex-president Harry Truman called ...

    8/3/2019 · Truman’s column on the CIA reached a very limited audience of Washington insiders. Someone like me would Truman was in a backhanded way accusing the CIA of murdering JFK. Truman started writing his CIA column immediately after the JFK assassination but it …

  9. President Harry Truman and the CIA | HuffPost

    12/15/2016 · President Harry Truman and the CIA. 12/15/2016 12:21 pm ET. Besides providing a lack of evidence, it is nothing short of a massive paradox, bordering on the ridiculous, for the CIA to allege that Russian cyber attacks had influenced the outcome of the recent Presidential election “to favor one candidate over the other” and sought to ...

    • Author: Renee Parsons
  10. CIA's Creator Came to Regret It ... Said the CIA Was a ...

    President Truman created the CIA.. He explained that it was solely an attempt to consolidate intelligence from many different intelligence agencies (page 285):. I needed … the President needed at that time a central organization that would bring all the various intelligence reports we were getting in those days, and there must have been a dozen of them, maybe more, bring them all into one .

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