Fyrrum ađalhagfrćđingur Alţjóđabankans, Joe Stiglitz, var rekinn. Hann benti yfir stjórnendum á ađ öll ríki sem Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđurinn / Alţjóđabankinn hafđi međ ađ gera enduđu međ, hruniđ hagkerfi, sprungna ríkisstjórn og stundum í óeirđum.

Alţjóđabankinn-IMF er í eigu og stjórnađ af Nathan Mayer Rothschild og 30 til 40 af ríkasta fólkinu í heiminum. Í meira en 150 ár hafa ţeir skipulagt ađ yfirtaka heiminn međ peningum.

Fyrrum ađalhagfrćđingur Alţjóđabankans, Joe Stiglitz, var rekinn nýlega. (ţessi grein er skrifuđ áriđ 2002)

Hann benti yfir stjórnendum á ađ öll ríki sem Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđurinn / Alţjóđabankinn hafđi međ ađ gera enduđu međ,

  • hruniđ hagkerfi
  • sprungna ríkisstjórn
  • stundum í óeirđum.

Jim Wolfensen, forseti Alţjóđabankans, vildi ekki tjá sig um uppsögn hans. Áđur en Joe Stiglitz var rekinn tók hann stóra stafla af leynilegum skjölum úr Alţjóđabankanum.


Ţessi leynilegu skjöl frá Alţjóđabankanum og Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđnum sýna 4 skref sem Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđurinn vill fá ţjóđum:

  1. ađ undirrita og samţykkja leynilegan samning um 111 atriđi
  2. ţar sem ţeir samţykktu ađ selja lykil eignir sínar - vatn, rafmagn, gas, o.fl.
  3. ţar sem ţeir samţykktu ađ gera efnahagslegar ráđstafanir sem eru mjög hrikalegir fyrir viđkomandi ţjóđir
  4. ţeir greiđa stjórnmálamönnum milljarđa dollara í svissneska bankareikninga til ađ gera ţessa millifćrslu á eignum landana.

Ef ţeir eru ekki sammála ţessum skrefum fá löndin engin alţjóđleg lán.

Ef ekki er hćgt ađ taka lán á alţjóđlegum markađi, getur enginn lifađ, hvorki fólk, fyrirtćki eđa lönd.

Ef ţetta gengur ekki upp, ţá fella ţeir Ríkistjórnina,  og dreifa lygum um ţessa fyrri Ríkisstjórn, og/eđa endurrita söguna...

Ţetta hér fyrir ofan er íslenskuđ endursögn.


....Í Venesúela ţar sem ţeir hafa kjörinn forseta ríkisstjórnarinnar, hefur Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđurinn tilkynnt ađ ţeir myndu styđja viđ ađra ríkisstjórn ef forsetinn vćri fjarlćgđur.

Ţeir segja ađ ţeir ćtli ekki ađ taka ţátt í stjórnmálum - ţeir myndu bara styđja viđ ađra ríkisstjórn. 

Í raun er veriđ ađ segja ađ viđ borgum fyrir valdarán, ađ herinn komi núverandi forseta frá, ţví ađ núverandi forseti Venesúela hefur sagt nei viđ Alţjóđagjaldeyrissjóđinn...


...In Venezuela where they have an elected president of the government, the IMF has announced that they would support a transition government if the president was removed.

They are not saying that they are going to get involved in politics - they would just support a transition government. What that effectively is saying, we will pay for the coup d'état, if the military overthrows the current president, because the current president of Venezuela has said NO to the IMF...


IMF and World Bank

Destroying  Countries

Secret Documents Taken Away from IMF/WB


by Greg Palast and Mark Phillips 


from UnityPublishing Website

Deutsch version

The World Bank-IMF is owned and controlled by Nathan Mayer Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take the world over through money.

The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired recently.

He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank got involved in ended up with,

  • a crashed economy
  • a destroyed government
  • sometimes in flames with riots

Jim Wolfensen, the president of the World Bank would not comment on his dismissal. Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank.

These secret documents from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal the 4 steps that the IMF required from nations:

  1. to sign secret agreements of 111 items
  2. in which they agreed to sell off their key assets - water, electric, gas, etc.
  3. in which they agreed to take economic steps which are really devastating to the nations involved
  4. in which they pay off the politicians billions of dollars to Swiss bank accounts to do this transfer of a countries fixed assets

If they do not agree to these steps they are cut-off from all international borrowing.

Today if can't borrow money in the international marketplace, no one can survive, whether you are people or corporations or countries. If that does not work they overthrow the government and plant lies about the former government and/or even rewrite history.

The Argentina Plan

Inside documents from Argentina show the secret Argentine plan.

This is signed by Jim Wolfensen, the president of the World Bank. Argentina has had six presidents in five weeks because their economy is completely destroyed. This happened because they started out in the end of the 80s with orders from the IMF and World Bank to sell-off all their assets, public assets, like their water system. Then they taxed the people.

They created big government and big government handed it off to the private IMF/World Bank.

They pay off the politicians billions in Swiss bank accounts.

The Enron Connection

The water system of Buenos Aires was sold off for a song to a company called Enron.

A pipeline was sold off, that runs between Argentina and Chile, was sold off to a company called Enron. Then the globalists blow out Enron after transferring the assets to another dummy corporation.

They come in, pay off politicians to transfer the water systems, the railways, the telephone companies, the nationalized oil companies, gas stations - the politicians then hand it over to the IMF for nothing.

The Globalists pay them off individually, billions a piece in Swiss bank accounts. The plan is total slavery for the entire population.

Enron is a dummy corporation for money laundering, drug money, etc.


IMF Planed Riots

The IMF/World Bank are systematically tearing nations apart, whether it's Ecuador or Argentina.

It's not privatization. They steal it from the people and hand it over to the IMF/World Bank.

They hand it over, generally to the cronies, like,

  • Citibank grabbed half the Argentine banks
  • British Petroleum grabbed pipelines in Ecuador
  • Enron grabbed water systems all over the place

The problem is that they are destroying these systems as well.

You can't even get drinking water in Buenos Aires. It is not just a question of the theft. You can't turn on the tap. It is more than someone getting rich at the public expense. And the IMF just got handed the Great Lakes. They have the sole control over the water supply now.


The IMF and the World Bank is 51% owned by the United States Treasury.

Indonesia is in flames. Every country IMF/World Bank meddling in they destroyed their economy and they ended up in flames. They even plan in the riots. They know that when they squeeze a country and destroy its economy, you get riots in the streets. And they admit that it an IMF riot.


Because you have riot, all the capital runs away from your country and that gives the opportunity for the IMF to then add more conditions.

California Utilities & Enron

It is really an imperial economy war to implode countries and now they are doing it here with Enron.

They are getting so greedy - they are preparing it for America. The chief investigators of Enron for the State of California said that that it's not just the stockholders that got ripped off. They sucked millions, billions of dollars out of the public pocket in Texas and California in particular.

Where are the assets? See, everybody says there are no assets left since Enron was a dummy corporation - from the experts I've had on and they transferred all those assets to other corporations and banks.

You did pay California's electric bills according to the investigations, they are telling me that they were pumped up unnecessarily by 9 to 12-billion dollars. And I don't know who they are going to get it back from now.

Well they actually caught the Governor buying it for $137 per megawatt and selling it back to Enron for $1 per megawatt and doing it over and over and over again.

Enron's Auditor - Lord Wakeham

The men who designed the system in California for deregulation then went to work for Enron right after.

Lord Wakeham, who was on the audit committee of Enron, is the head of NM Rothschild. There isn't anything that he doesn't have his fingers in. He's on something like fifty Boards. And he was supposed to be head of the audit committee watching how Enron kept the books.

In fact, they were paying him consulting fees on the side. He was in Margaret Thatcher's government and he's the one who authorized Enron to come into Britain and take over power plants in Britain. Enron owned a water system in the middle of England.

This is what Lord Wakeham approved and then they gave him a job on the board. On top of being on the board, they gave him a huge consulting contract. Lord Wakeham is supposed to be in charge of the audit committee to see how they were handling their accounts, but he is also the head of the board to regulate the media.

Lord Wakeham is trying to pass laws in England where you can't own your own water. He can't be touched because he regulates the media.

Rothschild and the Illuminati

Burrow into NM Rothschild, you'll find it all there.

The IMF/World Bank implosion, four points, how they bring down a country and destroy the resources of the people.

  • First you open up the capital markets. That is, you sell off your local banks to foreign banks.
  • Then you go to what's called market-based pricing. That's the stuff like in California where everything is free market and you end up with water bills no one can pay.
  • Then open up your borders to trade - complete free marketeering.

Its like the opium wars.

This isn't free trade; this is coercion trade. This is war. They are taking apart economies through this. China has a 40% tariff on the USA, but the USA has a 2% on them. That's not free and fair trade.

It's to force all industry into a country that the globalists fully control, and they control China.


The Illuminati owns Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart has 700 plants in China.

There is almost nothing in a Walmart store that comes from the United States of America, despite all the eagles on the wall. They have big flags saying "Buy American" and there's hardly anything from America in their stores.

What's even worst is they will hire a factory and right next to it will be the sister factory which is inside a prison.

You can imagine the conditions of these workers producing this lovely stuff for Walmart.


Sell off the water company and that's worth, over ten years, let's say about 5 billion dollars, ten percent of that is 500 million.

A Senator from Argentina said that he got a call from George W. Bush in 1988 saying give the gas pipeline in Argentina to Enron. Enron was going to pay one-fifth of the world's price for their gas and he said how can you make such an offer?

The answer was that if they only pay one-fifth that leaves quit a little bit for you to go in your Swiss bank account. This is the same George W. Bush who said he didn't get to know Ken Lay of Enron until 1994. Now they are having these white-wash hearings.

Bill Clinton, to get even with Bush's big donor, cut Enron out of the California power market. He put a cap on the prices they could charge. They couldn't charge more than one-hundred times the normal price for electricity. That upset Enron. So Ken Lay personally wrote a note to Dick Cheney saying get rid of Clinton's cap on prices.

Within 48 hours of George W. Bush taking office, his energy department reversed the clamps on Enron.

Step Two

Argentina is an example of step two of the IMF.

A fifth of the population of Argentina (2002?) is unemployed, and they said cut the unemployment benefits drastically, take away pension funds, cut the education budgets. Now if you cut the economy in the middle of a recession (created by the IMF), you absolutely demolish the nation.

You don't start cutting the budget in a recession, you start spending money to stimulate the economy. You don't raise taxes, you cut them.

But they tell these countries you've got to cut, and cut, and cut. And why, according to the inside documents, it's so you can make payments to foreign banks - the foreign banks are collecting 21% to 70% interest. This is loan-sharking.

If fact, it was so bad that they required Argentina to get rid of the laws against loan-sharking because any bank would be a loan-shark under Argentine law.

Step 3 and Step 4

Then they open up the borders for trade, that's the new opium wars.

They destroy an economy so that it can not produce anything, and then open the borders to sell their own goods. They force nations to pay horrendous amounts for things like drugs - legal drugs. That's how you end up with an illegal drug trade.

What's there left to survive on except sell us smack and crack. And so, drive the whole world down, blow out their economies and then buy the rest of it up for pennies on the dollar.

What's Step 4 of the IMF/World Bank Plan? In Step 4, they take apart of the government by the coup d'état and they install their own corporate government.

In Venezuela where they have an elected president of the government, the IMF has announced that they would support a transition government if the president was removed.

They are not saying that they are going to get involved in politics - they would just support a transition government. What that effectively is saying, we will pay for the coup d'état, if the military overthrows the current president, because the current president of Venezuela has said NO to the IMF.

He told those guys to go packing. They brought their teams in and said you have to do this and that. And he said, I don't have to do anything. He said what I'm going to do is double the taxes on oil corporations because we have a whole lot of oil in Venezuela. And I'm going to double the taxes on oil corporations and then I will have all the money I need for social programs and the government - and we will be a very rich nation.

Well, as soon as he did that, they started fomenting trouble with the military and watch this because the President of Venezuela will be out of office in three months or shot dead.

They are not going to allow him to raise taxes (2002) on the oil companies...

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