Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the nama of the coming caliphate. We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, ... and all those like you.


Hvađ er feminismi, er hann ađ eyđa sjálfum sér?

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The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe You'll Ever See


They wish that we were dead.

But they have lost their fertility. So they look for fertility in our midst.

We will give them fertility!

We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians, and all those like you.

Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the nama of the coming caliphate.


Stop the Tape! The Muslim Invasion of America



Nikolai Starikov ber saman ţegar Lenin var sendur til ađ fella Tsarinn í Rússlandi 1917.

Ţá var Lenin settur ofar öllum Ţýskum lögum.

Flóttamennirnir í dag eru ekki háđir lögum Vesturlanda, lögreglan horfir á og ef lögreglumađur segir frá, er hann sóttur til saka.

Top Russian Writer Nikolai Starikov Explains Who Is Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis



Someone from above has pressured the authorities in the EU.

Just as happened to the German ambassador in Switzerland in 1917: (Lenin)

You know what, forget about everything, forget the procedures,

Let them go wherever they want, demand whatever they want, and so on.

So someone has organized this, and it is not the EU.

So let us consider who could have organized it.

Put aside ISIS and al-Qaida, as they only exist in the media World,

And in the form of armed groups receiving money, weapons and instructors MI6,

And train Bedouins to wield a weapon and cut peoples heads off.

What is left? Some serious power, which is forcing the European states to forget their own rules,

Who has organized this? The United States of America.

Notice, a plan was published for the distribution of refugees in Europe, and UK got zero.

Everyone was accommodating them, but not UK

And the US is another UK, but very far away

No – one could ever get there by sea, because that would require an ocean liner and not some crumbling rusted bucket.

However, to get into the UK you just need to walk through the Channel Tunnel, so no one is crossig by sea.

But they are not affected by the refugee problem.

The whole region has been ravaged.

Obviously, the migrant waves will be directed towards where there is prosperity.

Notice where all these people are going- no-one is going to Saudi Arabia, or to Qatar or Bahrain, wich are closer, and people of the same faith.

Among the refugees are many Arabs, but also non-Arabs.

The Arabs are essentially one ethnicity, but they do not go to those countries, only to Europe.

Which means it is an organized process.

Next question. We are told that the refugees pay money to the people-smugglers.

That is probably true.

Question: where do they get the money from.

These people are obviously not the poorest.

If they fled with only the shirt on their back, after their home was shelled,

Then the smugglers will not take them to Europe.

So these are not the most disadvantaged people.

Or if they are, then someone has given them money for the journey.

The smugglers would not take them for free.

Right it is not some humanitarian smugglers transporting them.

It means that someone gave them the money.

Next. There is a huge number of men of military age, with expensive telephones, withdrawing cash with ATM cards.

My friends from Hungary called me and reported that it seems to be their daily allowance.

We are being told that they are militants.

I was amused that someone reported the figure of 4000 fighters – then all the mass media repeated it.

Question: How do they know the number?

Did they check the box I am an ISIS militant when filling out the form?

Ok, a photo was found of one person with a scar, and published on Twitter. (vantar inn í ?)

It was clearly the same person.

But how do they know there are 4000 fighters

Only whoever counted them could know that which no one could do among 100,000s of refugees, unless they themselves confessed.

Next question. You are ISIS and you are conducting heavy military operations against the Kurdish militia, the Iraqi Army, Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Army.

How many men do you have? 20,000.

And at this point you dispatched 4,000 to Europe.

Why? In order to establish terrorist centers in Europe.

Before that you only needed 10 people.

Have there been terrorist atrocities in Europe? Yes

Had they sent thousands of terrorists to Europe? Tens of thousands? Of course not.

They are individuals.

You would send 5-6 people, a group, a cell, a reconnaissance network.

You would not send a thousand intelligence agents.

It means that divisions have been removed from the front and sent to Europe under the guise of refugees.   For what?

Later, relatives can easily join them, if they become integrated

Again, it is a strange kind of situation.

Next, these refugees are very well organized.

In Budapest the soccer fans, who are always a bit afflicted by a nationalistic view of life,

Started throwing things at them, and they started throwing back.

Imagine: people are dispirited, women, children, pensioners.

Stones are thrown at them, and they start throwing stones back.

It is very well organized.

So there are tins of questions.

Clearly, this has been organized.

Clearly, money has been allocated for this.

Clearly, Europe has thrown its hands up in the air for some reason, and is doing nothing.

200,000 people have been brought to Germany in onr week, but they say ok, fine we will put 6 billion into the budget, that is trivial.

And what of the voters voices?

You know how the neo liberals like to say: That money could have been spent on kindergartens, roads and pensions.

Where is all that? There is none of that.

Next. Another interesting consideration on this subject.

Whenever we see a large number of people migrating in an organized fashion,

We know that someone is carefully directing this process.

And look at the accompanying media attention

Have people died during the Mediterranean sea crossing?

It is always said that this is inevitable, shipwrecks will always happen.

At just the right time, the photo of the Syrian boy was found.

It has been seen, how the shameless journalists who had found him, re positioned him and then photographed him.

What was the conclusion from that?

Since a Syrian boy has drowned, let us take revenge on Bashar al-Assad.

In an opinion poll, 52% of Brits support air strikes on Syrian troops by the UK air force.

Look at the logic, it is completely absent, because the media veil closes peoples eyes

Think about this: The West supports the rebels in Syria, Iraq, Libya.

Out of these rebels they assemble ISIS, which did not exist before, how did it appear?

ISIS starts fighting a war.

People start fleeing from this ISIS – not from the government forces.

Some perished while fleeing.

To take revenge for those people, let us bomb the Syrian army, which is opposing ISIS.

This is some utterly alternative reality that is being created.

They exploit whatever they can.

So what is the result? The US deals blow to Europe – as I wrote in my book Chaos and Revolution as the Dollar is Weapons – but only such as to weaken it, to keep it subordinated, and not to collapse it

Because it is needed as an ally against Russia and China.

When Libya was destroyed, it was obvious there would be a big migration wave.

Dealing with it is very easy.

I will give some free advice to our European partners on how this is done.

Remember that anyone crossing to Europe is supposedly spending money, right?

Well, if they have crossed to Lampedusa,

Then wash and feed them, let them sleep, them put them on a big white steamship and take them back to Africa.

Question: Will they try and cross a second time,

Hardly. Maybe they will.

Ok, but suppose they do. Then they get washed and fed, given a place to sleep, and in the morning they are back on the steamship to Africa.

Will they turn up a third time?

Maybe they will.

Even if someone keeps giving them money for this travel, they will get bored anyway.

You will get sick – you crossed the sea, had a look.

What did you see? Your room. Then crossed back. It is boring.

Even for tourism they would not keep crossing, never mind migration.

If you want these people to stop sailing across to you, then just return them, and that is all.

Everyone will learn of it.

In that sea-port they will say: My dear friend, we will happily take you to Lampedusa, but you will be back here again tomorrow. You really need that?

So this issue of these refugees is very simple to solve.

Moreover it is within the framework of the law.

Deportation of people not having the right to political asylum.

You could have an expedited procedure, if you find yourself choking, taking not half ayear, but one day.

Maybe for every one person who really has valid circumstances and is allowed to stay, another 100 are sent back.

And that is it – the issue is resolved.

This is a crisis, they are building walls, people are traveling on foot.

I am speechless.

And the last point I want to make on this.

People in Ukraine wanted to get into Europe.

No one is going to remove the visa requirement.

However, an example has now been shown.

Evidently there are no borders any more the customs and border rules have been removed.

Since it is possible for Arabs and blacks, why not for Ukrainians?

They just need to assemble in a crowd of 100,000 people, and simply walk across the Polish border, calmly, peacefully, shouting as they go.

The Polish border guards shall, according to the rules for this type of migrant, move aside, take down the barbed wire, and tie up their dog.

Then this crowd shall proceed – on foot or on transport, however it turns out – to Warsaw, seize the train station, and demand to be taken to Berlin.

And they should be taken. Otherwise what kind of discrimination is thiss??

Why do you transport Syrians, but you will not take Ukrainians from Warsaw to Berlin?

Those who so desperately wanted to get into Europe.

At the very least they say they are culturally the same people, although you and I know that these are people of Russian civilization.

Their skin color is similar to Eropeans, but their mindset is completely different.

But that is not the point here.

Does anyone really think this will happen?

Let them give it a tray.

It is not going to happen – I can tell you right awy.

The poles will release the dogs, use the gas. They will not let anyone through.

So we have a strange situation: In Poland the state system is operating as it is supposed to, while in the rest of Europe it has been suspended for some reason.


Because currently there is a need to bring people from one place and or from the other.

That is the whole story.

What is achieved by weakening Europe?

Why are they being put down like this?

The Americans, and the Anglo-Saxons in general, as part of their strategy, always stick to same principle – their allies must be weaker than them.

That is why they were always trying to weaken the Soviet Union during WW2.

They did not open a second front, forgot to hand over navy ships.

When Italy pulled out of the war, their navy fell to the English.

Obviously, it was supposed to be split into three equal parts, but they forgot about all that.

Comrade Stalin said at every conference: Guys, were is our share of the Ilalian Navy?

In the end he insisted. The English with their ships and subs handed over part of the Italian Navy,

Only after the war did we get the former Giulio Cesare, which later became, if I remember correctly, the Novorossiysk, and sadly, was blown up by a frogman, and destroyed.

So their allies have to be weaker than them.

Once Europe became strong, and Germany began to do its own thing, they planned such an attack.

Notice that the waves of refugees, which have now turned up in Europe, are heading for only one country. 16:16 Germany.

Let us ask ourselves a question.

In Syria, Libya and elsewhere, in all the magazines, TV and radio stations, have they been talking about only one country

So everyone is unware that there is Austria with a high standard of living, France is alright too.

Then there is Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republik, Hungary, Italy, and every kind of country – do they not know that?

There is even Greece too. But they know only Germany. What is this nonsense?

Why are they all going to Germany? Why not stay in Austria? Their standard of living is more or less the same. They are all going to Germany. Now see at almost the same moment, just last week, Gazprom signed an agreement with German companies to begin the construction of the second branch of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. Where does it deliver gas to? Germany.

Where are all the refugees going?

Following the gas.

It is a remarkable coincidence, is not it?

Gas is not the only reason.

But those who have organized the stream of refugees, do not want the gas to reach to Germany, giving Germany independence.

But suppose they can not prevent construction of the second pipeline branch.

Remember how they obstructed the first, Estonia tried in every way, Sweden too.

They said: Your pipeline is environmentally incompatible with our Baltic sea bed.

The seaweed will die off.

Estonia banned construction within their territorial waters, so they had to make a hook, but then Swedish environmentalists got upset.

So if you do not have this instruments, then do something different:

Ok, guys, carry on building as you are.

But meanwhile we will construct our own south stream, not gas but refugees.

So consider the pros and cons

Methinks these two events are tightly correlate

So it means Europe is being held on a hook.

On the one hand, they have to assist and obey the US,

But on the other hand, they must not become so strong that they could afford to disobey.

From the perspective of the Americans and English, Europe should not have the right to a voice at all.

They were told to bomb Libya even if it means you will get refugees later.

They were told to support the war in Ukraine, so they had to support it, even though trade routes will be broken and you will have armed conflicts in your soft underbelly.

As one conscientious blogger here said (Navalny) expand, do not reflect.

Same here – do not think about what Washington is telling you, just do it, and it will be fine.

But Europeans are not really happy with this situation, as they are the ones footing the bill for this party.

That is why they are infuriated.

And they are being put in their place.


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